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12 Jan 2023 -
Starting soon. Getting everything ready!

Starting soon. Getting everything ready!

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Did you know?

Overall, Fibula OT is an exciting and engaging game that offers a wide range of activities for players to enjoy. Whether you're looking to explore a vast virtual world, complete challenging quests, or participate in fun events, Fibula OT has something to offer for everyone.
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12.1.2023 -
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Welcome to a world that has never been before, we have been forced to build a new settlement. Are you curious why? Read this short story: The Tibian land you knew no longer exists, it all started with a massive attack of dark forces... Thais fell first, the demons destroyed it in just a few hours. Then Carlin - there Ferumbras and his brothers left only a huge crater. The hellish creatures did not spare Mailand and the surrounding islands, it was total destruction and our world was not prepared for this attack! Those who survived hid on the island of Fibula, but this area would be far too small to rebuild the city. Powerful Mages and Druids, using their abilities, created a new embankment - the artificial island of Fibulia, on which they decided to rebuild. The first settlers created a village and made laws, then a city was built and portals were created to the surviving cities. Extensive exploration has been able to connect us to our nostalgic places in the temple of Fibula, you can see what was left of this catastrophe. explorer! Explore the Tibian world anew with the new systems that our authorities have introduced, explore numerous quests and endless missions. Have fun at Events, the adventure begins again!

Check out what's currently available on our server!

P.S. The wand that I'm currently using on ED will be removed after the test server, and there will be changes in the stages.

Dragon Quest

Oshuran Quest

The final part of this quest is too difficult to complete alone. Essentially, you need to step on the blue spot ten times to spawn the boss.

Four-Vocation Quest

I had to modify this script to show you what the quest looks like, but it works flawlessly for all four vocations.

Daily Arenas

I only managed to survive this quest thanks to the high stages on the test server and the wand; otherwise, it's very challenging!

The arenas can be challenged once every 20 hours!

Let's move on to Events. We managed to add plenty of events to our server!

For more information, head to Events.

On some of the events, the information still needs to be updated, but we will do it soon!

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