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Requirements: This quest has no special requirements beyond level 30 or higher. Priorities: Remember to avoid all traps, monsters are not very strong but they can block you. Rewards are goods for exchange with NPC A Adam who gets stuck at the bottom of these chalices. Rewards: BP of Identification Brooch, 5x Enchantment Crystal & 100k

(Important information to get RUNE you need to save BP of Identification Brooch and collect 200k to exchange it with NPC A Adam)

Requirements: Requirements: This quest requires 3 to 5 players, everyone should be prepared for the worst. Try to defeat the BOSS and you will be rewarded!. Priorities: The most important task is the mini-boss rule on the designated SQM, Green bars deprive the monster of 5k hp and Red bars take up to 10k HP. Lead the monsters to destruction and defeat the main BOSS. Rewards: Amulet of Theurgy, Foxtail Amulet.

(Important information: The entire Naga Weapons is available from the boss itself, you can fight him every 20 hours)

Requirements: In order to complete this task with the greatest guarantee, you should be at least level 30 to start collecting the required missions. Remember that the challenge in the main room requires a minimum level of 250 Priorities: Remember that before joining the main challenge you have to save 100 sick trees on the map like in the graphic above. After meeting the requirements, you must survive 120 powerful waves in the final room. Be ready! Rewards: Green Demon Set

(green demon helmet, green demon armor, green demon legs, green demon slippers)

Requirements: This is one of the more demanding tasks, you have to go through the cursed ceilings to the very bottom. There will be a boss waiting there, after defeating which we move to the room with the most difficult challenge - we have to take the right position on the blue dragon, the remaining fields deal high DMG. After completing the stages, we can collect the rewards. Priorities: First of all, don't get pinned, remember to take the right eq, which will, for example, reduce damage. Try to use the space available around you. Rewards: Embrace of Nature, Bear Skin, Lion Plate or Toga Mortis.

(Important information: The reward is chosen according to the profession, we get only one Armor.)

Requirements: Most importantly, to caplet a team consisting of all professions, we need Sorcerer, Druid, Knight and Paladin. You have to go through all the rooms in the NORTH at the same pace - there are six of them. Then we make our way through the main wave at the end of the room. After going down to the bottom we have to caplet 10 green and blue "squiders" appear after killing bosses. Priorities: Don't let anyone on your team get left behind or you'll all lose! Don't stand on the door or you'll miss your chance. Heading north, remember to be all in one line. Rewards: Bast Legs, Fabulous Legs or Gnome Legs.

(Important information: The reward is chosen according to the profession, we get only one Legs.)

Requirements: Mainly it's about surviving and solving all the puzzles, use the levers to build the bridge, after the quest is over, we are forced to participate in the arena, those who survive will be handsomely rewarded! A team of five supported by a druid is recommended. Priorities: Study the area of the map carefully so that you don't have to repeat the given stages several times, stick together and defend your druid. After reaching the arena, mages must keep the second line or you will all die! Rewards: Master Spellbook or Gnome Shield.

(Important information: The reward is chosen according to the profession, we get only one Shield.)

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